Retro Club - Shinobi III (Megadrive)
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    We got about three screens in on three credits, which is appalling tbh, but the controls seemed off - you have to hold a button to slowly rotate your aim, which can't be right.  On the MD port you hold a button to fix your aim. 

    So we wasted another quid on Carrier Air Wing (UN Squadron 2), and nearly got to level two.
  • Moot it was the Amiga 500 version of batman. From screen shots I've seen over the years and the odd walk through it looked the best version graphically.

    Nice little game. Very little
    Instruction. Took ages to work out what I was supposed to do in the car and flying sections.
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  • Moot_Geeza wrote:
    but the controls seemed off - you have to hold a button to slowly rotate your aim, which can't be right.  On the MD port you hold a button to fix your aim.
    I was using the rotate your aim scheme on the MD version. It's quite good once you get the hang of it. Tried the other way first and found it too fiddly.
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  • So yeah, I finished Midnight Resistance (MD). It's good fun, and the control system fudge isn't too bad at all. Some solid enemy design based around the rotating aim mechanic, and not too difficult for the most part. Hard to fault really, except it doesn't really do anything spectacular. Might see if I can get the arcade version going.
  • mk64 wrote:

    The sprite scaling sections look especially good, and remind me of this:


    JonB - I used the default setting on MD, which is probably why I found the arcade setup odd.  It seemed a bit of a cack handed way of doing things though - if an enemy is standing at the top right of the screen but your gun is facing straight ahead, you have to hold a button for at least a second while it rotates in a clockwise motion to where you want.  I much preferred the point anywhere (and press to hold) style of the default MD scheme, but roughly 50 seconds of getting pummelled by the arcade game's higher difficulty probably wasn't enough time to judge.
  • I just played the arcade version. It's not really different except there are a few more enemies on screen at a time in some points. But the control scheme is worse than the MD version, on MAME at least. The rotate buttons seemed to be assigned to z and x with no way of changing them, so I had to switch hands and couldn't get used to it. Lack of auto fire didn't help either.

    They're very similar as far as I got though. Seems like it was a good conversion.
  • I just ran through the arcade version of Mercs in about half an hour. Pretty good fun and not horribly difficult except for a few cheap bits near the end. I think the MD version was better, minus the 3 player mode, with an original mode made specially for it.
  • Whenever I play Mercs on MD I always run out of lives towards the end of the level with the train tracks.
  • Yeah I lost a few credits there. There were a few instant death things later on that were probably just there to burn credits. On one bit I probably got through about 5 continues in a minute. Probably about 20 for the whole game.
  • Can we add the original gta to the list please? The top down ps1 game.
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  • davyK
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    The second one is top down too - isn't it? Think I have that for Dreamcast.

    I've never really properly tried it.
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  • Me too. That's kinda why I want to play it
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  • I think GTA2 is better than 1. the maps are tighter in 2 so its actually possible to remember where all the stuff is and go to the pay and spray or whatever. Also I didn't like the story of 1 because I had no idea what was happening. Apparently I crossed bald man sonetti but I had no idea what id done.
  • mk64 wrote:
    Can we add the original gta to the list please? The top down ps1 game.

    Sounds good, I'll probably grab the PC version (which should be dirt cheap) 'cos the PS1 version was playable but quite a lazy conversion.  I never owned it but enjoyed it when I borrowed it not long after release.

    I'll sort out the new schedule tonight, I think we've got a decent amount of suggestions now.  I was thinking about playing Psycho Pinball on the Megadrive after reading an old review yesterday, so I might add a free choice pinball game wildcard.
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    Yeah - a pinball game would be good  - have Dragon's Fury on MD so free choice would be appreciated..
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  • Moot_Geeza wrote:
    do a comparitive report on the two alladin games
    I love this idea, cheers.
    That's Aladdin on the Megadrive completed then.  Didn't start it until 9.50ish either, and save states were redundant as I racked up so many lives.  An incredible game in many ways - perhaps the most polished videogame I've ever played - but 35 minutes of gameplay is a fucking pisstake.  I remember getting this for £44.99 when it came out, and voluntarily pressing reset whilst fighting Jafar as I didn't want to complete it on my first go.  So I finished it on my second go.  I love it, it has so many nice touches (from the mouse ear extra life to to the way knives split your apples) and while it lasts I can't fault it, but it's painfully easy up until the final level and pretty short.  Those graphics and tunes though, wow.  85%

    Just finished the SNES Aladdin, which I've never played before.  I thought this comparison would be a breeze, because the Megadrive version, although short, is a pretty magnificent game in many ways, I loved it as a kid, and I always thought the SNES version looked merely 'decent' (in a snooty, mine's better kind of way).  Now that I've played them both, there's really no contest when it comes to deciding the superior game, chiefly because the SNES version is three times longer.  The graphics (especially the unparalleled animation), sound effects, cut scenes and renditions of the classic tunes are all superior on the Megadrive, but the SNES version is no slouch in these departments either - it's an attractive game.  The gameplay (although markedly different) is equally good in both, but by the time you've reached Jafar's palace on the Sega version you're barely out of Agrabah in Capcom's effort, which just isn't on when you consider 16-bit games at this stage were well over £40. 

    One is a simple hack 'n slash platformer, the other is a head bopper.  Both share the apple throwing mechanic, although the fruit in question is pretty scarce (non-existent?) in the latter half of the SNES game.  The magic carpet escape section is great in both games, so I can't call that, but the SNES version edges it in terms of actual platforming (specifically swinging, which is well done).  Both games are too easy, but only one can be finished in 30 minutes. 

    Basically, the Nintendo game is better, because it represents far, far better value for money.  One is like Nouvelle Cuisine in a Michelin starred restaurant, the other is a hearty three course meal in an excellent country bistro pub.  This doesn't decide the console war or anything - I could always review Robocop Vs Terminator next.  87%
  • You can go change your vote in the MD vs SNES thread now, haha

    I agree with your views on what one's the better of the two but I'd probably knock close to 10% off each score.

    IMO they're both...
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  • Another suggestion - any version of New Zealand Story.
  • Fortnight twenty nine: Super Metroid (SNES, VC)

    So then, Super Metroid aye. Its about time. Some of you will have played it, I get this. For that I salute you, but those about to play it for the first time: You'll probably need a guide. Probably. Think of it as a maze, a haunting, troublesome maze. I mean, the game world isn't that big (it was for the time, it were huge then), but its the routes. The tantalising doors you can't pass, the sections you wander into before testing the might of your Charge Beam, then realising it does shit all and you're pretty much about to get merked.

    Its a wonderful, balanced game of progression. There isn't a set route through it (unless you're going for 100%, I normally clock in around 96/98%). You can glitch your way through (Mockball is a delightful exploit, letting you get super Missiles early. There's loads more) if you like, you can sequence break. You can own. The gameplay, well its perfect. Streamlined, simple, deep (bomb jumping is a skill within itself). Basically, gentlemen, its something I hold dear. Godspeed all. Godspeed.

  • Super Metroid is the best thing
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  • I just typed out the schedule for the rest of 2013 and lost the whole thing when I tried to highlight a word and delete it.  Brilliant.
  • The schedule for the rest of the year.  Apologies if I missed out any suggestions (I can't emulate Space Station Silicon Valley so I selfishly left it out). I tried to fit them all in, either on their own or in a wildcard week. 

    (27/05, week): Rub Your Own Rhubarb: free choice Retro Batman week
    (03/06, week): Battletoads (NES)
    (10/06, week): Budget Master System Week - Action Fighter, Teddy Boy and The Ninja
    (17/06, fortnight): Toki (Arcade, Megadrive, Amiga)
    (01/07, fortnight): Castlevania IV (SNES)
    (15/07. week): Free choice Parodius
    (22/07, week): Scrolling Beat 'em up free choice
    (29/07, fortnight): El Viento (Megadrive)
    (12/08, week): Atari 2600 High-Score Challenge Returns
    (19/08, fortnight): Yoshi's Story (N64)
    (02/09, week): Rollergames (NES)
    (09/09, fortnight): Actraiser (SNES, VC)
    (23/09, fortnight): Grand Theft Auto (PS, PC)
    (07/10, week): New Zealand story (various)
    (14/10, week): Bitmap Bros free choice
    (21/10, fortnight): Vectorman (MD, compilations)
    (04/11, fortnight): PC Kid 2/Bonk's Revenge (PC Engine, VC)
    (18/11, week): Wonderboy week
    (25/11, week): Kirby week

    (02/12, fortnight): Solstice II/Equinox (SNES)
    (16/12, week): Fantasy Zone (MS)
    (23/12, fortnight inc. Christmas break): Pinball free choice
    (06/01, fortnight): Blackthorne (various)
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    Super Metroid - first one I played and only one I've completed in the series. Very early on I got a bit frustrated with the control (before I got the morph ball - THAT early) trying to make an impossible gap - so watch out for that.

    Has an epic feel and that soundtrack is sensational - it has a real feeling of desolation and dread about it. I have the big box version with the Super Guide - I don't think I needed it. It doesn't really give too much away re the later sections anyhow.
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  • One of the finest games ever, even though I haven't played it in years. Won't have time this week either. But anyone who hasn't played it before should make a special effort.
  • Its one of the games I try out whenever I've used an emulator in the past.
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  • I can't seem to get my Super Famicom to work on my LCD, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Might try it one more time and if it doesn't work, I'll just emu it. 

    Third BESTEST game ever after the best Zelda and the best Mario.
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    No, it is the bestest game, Elf. The bestest. I'd be playing through if I had a PC controller for emu. Playing it on the keyboard (although I have before) is a bit of a chore.
  • It's really almost perfect. Undermined a little by the goofy Screw Attack flying, the first proper boss is easily cracked and I'm still bugged by the narrative incoherence of the handily stashed powerups and ammo/health expansions, but it does most other things tremendously well, both for its era and today. It should've been an industrial supertemplate and hasn't been and that sucks a fuck.

    "Mute, armed explorer of deadly and unknowable world" is what videogames are kinda for, especially solo.
  • Cool soundtrack detail: Judicious rolling off of treble frequencies to make everything feel a bit suffocating and odd.

    Metroid the IP is still something that has legs of a sort, but I'm not sure there's a single AAA team I'd trust with it at this point.

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